{October 17, 2013}   Being Poor

Being Poor.


{June 13, 2011}   ~ Greetings & Salutations ~

Well hello gorgeous.  Yesterday was a full day of learning how to submit to Kindle.  Two of my stories should be available as ebooks tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th of June:  A Siren’s Journey and A Moment of Silence.

I have even created a few FaceBook pages for one or two of my characters; Selene Matheson, The Nameless One; and QASE the fictional BioMedical Research Company which she runs.

I was having a heck of a time figuring out how to kidnap Lilith’s two guardians, Bob and Gregori.  But with the assistance of Quin from A Moment of Silence, and a getting a real life health fair everything fell logically into place.  I am projecting that the writing portion of Potential (the main story) should be over by the end of the month.

So far – as of this moment – Potential is only novella sized but by the end of the month, hmm, who knows.  ~:p

Each story in The Daughter of Lilith Tales is a stand alone piece of the puzzle that makes up Lilith’s universe.

Potential is the meat…wait, my tummy is acting up so food references may not be a good idea right now.

We meet Lilith and her Guardian Angel Bob and Demon Lord Gregori in Potential”.

“A Siren’s Journey” finds the crowned princess of Atlantis and Nod, Orichi, bound in a desert, with her kidnapper communicating with her via Skype.  The kidnapper promises to keep the fact that she is a mermaid secret, if she will agree to marry him so he can keep her safe.

John knew that Quin could not be relied upon to finish the ceremony that they and 26 others had prepared for.  Now during at the most crucial timing segments of the ritual, Quin wants him to play games, trying to distract John from chanting in “A Moment of Silence”.

Long before he was an assassin, back before he had become a vampire, before he had become samurai to his half brother,  the emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, creator of the infamous Terra Cotta Warriors before the birth of Christ ~ he had been taken from his mothers lifeless body and raised by Crete, a midwife, hired by his mother’s father to ensure his daughter a healthy pregnancy.  Crete had served the warlord well, even after his death when the now 3 had become award of Crete’s people.  Crete was earth-born  She often told her stepson that as long as he had kept “A Grain of Faith” anything was possible  and Randy had grown up wanting and pretending to be a Gargoyle.

Last day of exams and a public execution day as well, when Rain gets a summons to her mother’s home that her little five-year old daughter, Katia, is sick.  With Lynx, the Mera training to be a Companion, by her side, Rain rushes home through the new festival like atmosphere, hoping that her battle harden mother is not overreacting to a case of the “Sniffles” in her only grandchild.

And for now, last but certainly not least, “To The Manor Born”.  My erotic Cinderella story ~ besides being set in Nod, the Prince so obviously has a foot fetish.

So until next time ~ Go make some noise ~;p

{June 13, 2011}   Seeker’s Rants & Raves

Ranting and Raving blogging and living and what a certain Guardian Angel and Gregori Demon Lord now play for.

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